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C.R. Duke Ackley
Alfred Baham, Jr.
Alfred Baham, Sr.
Leo C Baker
Charles Balcom
Donald “Red” Ball
Joseph Barillo
Clair L. Brooks
Paul Brooks
Donald Brown
John Edward Brown
Keith Butler
Delburt W Campbell
Malcolm E Campbell
Frank J Capute
Richard Clancy
Dale Coats
Carlton Coats
Raymond Crosby
Warren E Davidson
Donald Dunning
Emery J Evingham
Gene Fanton
Gregory Galati
Arnold Green
Kenneth Hall
Danny Hall
Larry Hatter
Lester M Hotchkiss
Walter S Hussey
Lewis A Jackson
Lewis M Jackson
Joseph E Kays
Fred Kemp
Bill Ketchner
Donald Kinnicutt
Donald E Kinnicutt
Leon B Knox
James J Layton
James J Layton
Debra J Layton
Joseph F Lucas
William Manry
Wilfred Martin
Vincent McAndrews
David Milkeris
Steward Wheaton Miller
Robert Morse
Richard Nelson
John E Nydegger
Walter Orman
Lavern W Palmiter
Oland Perry
William F Perry
William F Perry
Stanley G Pfaff
Lawrence Pritchard
Loren Pritchard
William Pritchard
Lester Pritchard
Clarence Pritchard
Bruce Pritchard
Carl H. Rahr
Kenneth Ramsey
Lester Ramsey
Jim Richardson
Thomas D. Riley
Francis Lee Sawyer
Marlin Slough
Zachary Smith
Claude Albert Smith
Harley Sturdevant
Russell Teller
Paul Trask
Alton H VanCleef
Harry Vanderhoff
Donald Vanderhoff
Alan Webster
Dean Webster
Edwin Webster
Groves West
Douglas J Wheaton
Jack Wheeler
Charles J White
Linn Robert White
Dennis F Wightman
Rich F Wightman
John L Williams
Stephen Wright
John W Wright